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Museum of Broken Relationships on your bookshelf


The wonderful and emotional experience of the Museum of Broken Relationships is finally available in printed form. These 200 full-coloured pages represent two years of curatorial project that is the Museum of Broken Relationships. It is our personal selection of 100 exhibits, out of many more, collected from across Europe. It is a kind of puzzling Love Pictionary, where each donator, through objects ranging from banal to bizzare, tries to unravel certain intimate riddles of one's own, while also making them accessible to others. The book is in English and if you are interested in having your own copy, visit the Museum web site. 


200 pages, colour, English edition
Authors // Olinka Vistica, Drazen Grubisic
Design // Olga Grlic, GO studio
Photographs // Ana Opalic
Translation and proofreading // Ivana Ostojcic
Published and distributed by // Hulahop Film & Art Production